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JMCC Water Filters has been in business since 2001 and today offers a complete line of residential and commercial/industrial filter products (see Commercial/Industry product sub page for commercial products). Today there is growing public awareness of severe very dangerous chemicals in the water supplies across the USA. The worst are called PFAS “forever chemicals” that were used in industry, shoe manufacturing, food packaging, firefighting foam and industrial sites using these chemicals. The most commonly known PFAS is Teflon which was used in kitchen pans and were marketed extensively many years ago.

PFAS like other pollutants are cumulative in the human body and in very small concentrations can cause serious health problems including birth defects, stunted growth in children, immune system problems and cancer. Besides via water in the kitchen, high levels of Forever Chemicals can enter the body in the daily shower. That is why a Whole House Filter is necessary in your home (those big box store plastic shower filters will not do the job). We say that the 3 pillars of a modern Healthy Home are “Energy Efficiency”, “Clean Air” and “CLEAN WATER”. As you can see from the diagram below ALL POLLUTANTS END UP IN THE WATER TABLE.

You will hear government officials (like the EPA or state agencies) stating that they are studying and testing PFAS chemicals in local water supplies. The reality is there are over 9000 of these chemicals and they are only studying less than 25. Your local water supplier will try to tell you that their water “meets federal standards”, but these standards have not been updated in decades and only cover a few toxins. They then add toxic chemicals and all of these are harmful as long term accumulation is the problem. All we know is that the problem is far worse than they are admitting and you have to take it upon yourself as a responsible home owner to get these and other dangerous chemicals out of both your hot and cold water.

JMCC Water Filters offers an extensive line of water filtration products for home and industry. We recently went through an expansion stage to dramatically increase the production of our MR5 Whole House Water Filter which features 5 of our proprietary HI filter elements. This model is specifically designed for the average US Household to not only remove PFAS chemicals to safe levels, but thousands of other industrial toxins, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, as well as naturally occurring toxins such as Arsenic and Lead (and other deadly poisons commonly found in ground water). The MR5 also removes gasses and odor from the water. It allows natural minerals to pass in the water which are necessary for good health and to keep your water at the proper pH level. The MR5 is a broad spectrum Filter (it is not a water softener).

The MR5 now costs half of the price of just a few years ago. It can easily be installed in a few hours in any house (we recommend using a plumber). It goes in your water line where the municipal or well water line enters the home (or apartment complex). All of the water including kitchen, bathroom, shower, laundry and outdoor faucets (both hot and cold water) can now be free from toxins. It requires no electricity and is worry free with a simple change of filter elements approximately every 18 months for the average modern house. There is no back flushing as with reverse osmosis or other types of systems. The five 20 inch HI filter elements allow up to 12 gallon per minute flow rate, enough for any home to be free from toxic substances in the water supply. This is not a water softener but a highly qualified water filter. There is nothing like this on the market today and we have the stock and production capability to meet large national markets.

In 2001 JMCC Water Filters began business by selling kitchen gravity water filters in the early days of internet marketing and by mail order. The demand for these products continued to grow over the years and decades. Public awareness was sparked by recognition of pollution in the water supplies. In the early days there were a few filters that were used in only the kitchen. The problem of toxic waste has gotten far worse in recent decades.

Today it is imperative that you remove all of these toxins from the water water especially for especially the shower. While taking a warm shower, extensive levels of toxic chemicals are absorbed through the skin and through the lungs breathing in the water vapor which is full of harmful chemicals. Your blood then deposits these toxins in your cells where they accumulate over months, years and decades. Many people are sick and they do not know why. In many cases it is the result of long term exposure to the trace levels of toxins that enter your body every day from the water supply.

This is why we are moving away from kitchen only filters and promoting the MR5 Whole House filter. We also still sell replacement filter elements and a kitchen filter, but with the lower cost of the whole house units, as well as the long term health benefits, there are economical and health justifications for making this important decision on the part of every homeowner. Make the smart decision today to order your MR5 Whole House Water Filter. We will ship via UPS and very soon you will be enjoying the healthy life of pure clean water for your family. We will help your plumber to make sure you have a care free installation. When you place your order, it is a good idea to add the optional UV final bacteria/virus sterilizer and an extra set or two of replacement filter elements with your initial purchase so you are ready to change the filters when necessary. What is in Your Water? We are here to help. Click the button below to be directed to purchase your MR5 filter.