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Multi Round High Flow MR5 – $1766.00 SALE $1599.00
Includes 5 – 20″ JMCC HI filter element Filter Pack

– Extra MR5 Element Packs – $504.00 SALE $479.00
(pay less free shipping when ordered with MR5)

– UV (Ultra Violet) Virus Final Filter (36″ Stainless Steel Housing) $540.00
(pay less free shipping when ordered with MR5)(recommended not required)

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HIGH Flow Rate – Whole House & Commercial Grade – Water Filters
see SALE PRICING above

For – Whole House – Ranch – Farm – Any Business that requires clean water

Stop showering in chemical soup. Your families health is being affected every day as pollutants enter the skin and breath in chemicals that accumulate over the days, months and years.  These chemicals build up over time and your body cannot clean them out.   The JMCC “HI” filter elements remove these and pollutants to 0.1 micron plus organic and inorganic chemicals, VOCS, Arsenic, Chlorine, Chloramines, Glyphosate (agricultural run-off), Heavy Metals, Odor gasses, radioactive atoms, and more, INCLUDING PFAS “forever chemicals”.  Give your loved ones the gift of health.  I am warning people that THE GREATEST TRHEAT TO YOUR HEALTH IS SHOWERING IN CHEMICAL LADEN WATER and therefore am promoting that every house install a Whole House Water Filter system.   I have the best one available.  

Purchase a High Flow Rate Commercial Grade Water Filter … EVERY HOUSE, RANCH, FARM AND COMMERCIAL BUSINESS SHOULD HAVE WATER FILTRATION. With the MR5, there is no need for any other filters (does not require electricity). For hard water issues install a hard water softener upstream from the MR5. The five MR5 20″ “HI” filter elements provide the same high reduction rates as my standard JMCC “HI” filters for home and kitchen Consider also the optional UV Final Virus Filter to eliminate any living organisms after the MR5. It is also made from 304 stainless steel with a UV (Ultra Violet) light (uses 120 VAC electrical connection). The most complete ALL IN ONE water filtration system available for home or commercial Point of Entry. There is no other product anywhere that can compete with these (beware of companies selling water softeners as whole house filters OR carbon filters which only remove chlorine). use drop down menu above and Add To Cart button above … $100 shipping to the 48 states (Alaska, Hawaii and all foreign orders will be billed additional shipping at the time of shippingng via email invoice) – requires physical address for UPS shipping

Whole House Water Filter – low price – highest quality
304 Stainless Steel housing – High Capacity Filter Elements
1) For Removal of PFAS and VOC chemicals, heavy metal, hazardous materials
2) Main Housing with 5 JMCC “HI” Filter Elements
3) Can be used with optional UV final filter and/or Upstream Water Softener
4) easy installation or a few hour job for plumber or handy homeowner (use standard PVC or copper tubing)
Installs at Point of Entry water main in building so all water hot and cold is filtered

Spec MR5
Gal per Min. 7.0 (max 15)
# 20” elements 5
In Out Dia. pipe 1.5”
Capacities (gal.) 57,000
Chlorine > 99% 57,000
Chloramine>99% 28,000
Mercury>97% 28,000
Viruses>99% using optional UV Virus Final Filter
Lead>98.5% 28,000

* Highflow solution for maximum removal of challenging contaminants.

* Filtration specs same as JMCC “GF” Filter Elements

* Sample Capacities: (removes other contaminants to 99% levels)

Built-In Pressure Gauge & Pressure Release Valve


Additional information

MR5 & Replacement Filter Packs & UV Virus Filter

MR5 with no extra Replacement Filter Pack, MR5 with one extra Replacement Filter Pack, MR5 with two extra Replacement Filter Packs, MR5 with three extra Replacement Filter Packs, MR5 Replacement Filter Pack (purchased separately), UV Virus Final Filter


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