One of the sure signs that you need your own protection in your own home from water tampering and terrorism is that the US government is creating the need for “national and international security of water”. What does this really mean for you as a homeowner? This means that the government is just starting to think and plan. This means you as a homeowner are going to be long awaiting a solution from them. They have not even started to plan yet alone appropriate funding to study the issue. They have no plan.

That leaves you the homeowner susceptible to the possibility of water tampering in your area and you would only know after people around you started to become ill or show symptoms. Here is a quote from the government statement issued on June 2, 2022 …

“on Wednesday announced the White House Action Plan on Global Water Security, drawing direct links between water scarcity and national security and elevating water security to a core foreign policy priority for the first time.”

You see, they are just starting to think about this. With this making the public eye and with the publicity it is only a matter of time until the reality of water terrorism comes to the streets. What does this mean? That means that instead of mass shootings, burning businesses or other forms of domestic terrorism, water could be the next target.

There is a solution to protect you and your family. Long ago we saw the general problem of water pollution as a growing issue including the need to filter out poisons and volatile organic chemicals as well as new pollutants such as PFAS “forever chemicals” from manufacturing or uranium etc from Fukushima nuclear fall out (from the Fukushima 2011 nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan). All of this ends up in the your water system. The local municipal water companies do not have to test for any of this given EPA’s lack of setting realistic standards for water testing.

At JMCC Water Filters we have the world’s only mass produced water filtration system (not a water softener) so we are positioned to fill national markets. Because we have perfected the manufacturing of a high quality commercial grade water filter for the home market, and offer at an exceptionally low price, you can benefit by placing this in your home at the “Point of Entry” so that all water (hot and cold) are filtered. The MR5 Whole House Water Filter is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter. It removes thousands of chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals and toxins and you can also purchase the optional UV sterilizer that breaks down organic compounds as a final filter.

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Imagine the horrific nuclear accidents of the past like Chernobyl (Russia 1986), Three Mile Island (1979 USA) and worse of all Fukushima (2011 Japan). There were uncounted deaths associated with Chernobyl, and Japan has not reported immediate or follow on deaths. We know however that the pollution was staggering. We in the USA were not greatly affected by the Chernobyl accident, but we are now finding high levels of uranium, selenium, barium, chromium, and arsenic in our water supplies that could only have come from Fukushima.

Most of us knew this but finally the governments in private studies are confirming this. Here is a quote from a recent article that was the first to break this story to the general public on April 6, 2022.
“Chronic disease. exposure to metals, including uranium, is associated with several adverse health outcomes including liver damage, nephrotoxicity, and cardiovascular.” Quote from THE LANCET April 2022.

There are certainty long term health effects but since it is happening slowly and mixed with many other forms of pollution from air, microwaves, water pollution, chemicals in the environment, etc., it is impossible to isolate it as the only health concern. Most people are too busy just trying to exist today to worry about isolated contaminants. The studies performed do not point a finger at Fukushima, however one has to ask where this is coming from. There was and continues to be tremendous radioactive pollution from Fukushima and the USA is in the direct path (not to mention the entire Pacific Ocean). These pollutants are not naturally occurring in these combinations. It is the result of a nuclear plant leaking large amounts of these toxins into the environment.

The question for most people is not about proving the source, it is about what they can do to prevent their health from being affected. Your family takes in these and many other pollutants every day from your water supply – in the kitchen, bathroom and mainly the daily shower. You may ask why does your water provider not tell you about this? It is because they are not required to test for it in their very limited test protocol from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is also a mistake to only concentrate on one pollutant since there are so many today such as PFAS “forever chemicals” of which there are over 9000 varieties. The EPA has completely dropped the ball to keep up with known pollution and is not requiring city municipal water suppliers or well companies to keep up with testing. We only know about these from other sources.

The solution is to have a complete water filtration system in your house for both hot and cold water. Uranium and the other pollutants can be removed using a JMCC Water Filters “MR5 Whole House Water Filter”. See the web page below for more information and pricing. For around $2000 you can protect your family from pollutants. Did you know that the daily shower is where you get the largest dosage of toxins? When you shower your skin absorbs and hour lungs breath in the vapor along with all the toxins. Those small plastic big box show filters do not to the job. You need an real filter. The MR5 is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter. Follow the link below for more information and receive a 10% discount at checkout by using the COUPON CODE JMCC.

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How on earth did things get to the point where water is not only scarce … but so polluted you cannot even swim in it let along eat fish or drink it.   After 50 years of legislation, things have only gotten worse.  This proves that you cannot vote in or legislate something like clean water.  To make matters worse, if you ask your municipal water supplier they will brag about how great your water is and that it “Meets Federal Standards”.    These standards have not been updated in decades and omit some of the worst toxins that are now common in today’s water systems.  In addition they add more chemicals that are equally bad for you.   If you live in a rural area on a well, you will have farm runoff and fertilizer residue in your well water.

We are dedicated to curing this problem one house at a time.   You cannot depend on the government nor their agencies to tell you the real story about the water that is piped into your house.   You can solve this yourself by taking control of your water.   Installing our unique MR5 Whole House Water Filter is quick and easy.  It is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter that removes thousands of toxins and chemicals both man made and naturally occurring like arsenic and lead.   The MR5 fits into existing or new construction with just a few hours of work by a local plumber.   We will guide them with our easy to follow instructions.  We are near the phone if they have any questions.   For less than $2000 you can have the equivalent of a pure mountain stream in your home for both hot and cold water.   Stop drinking, showering and washing your clothes in toxic water.

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Not only are USA water systems bad in Big City locations, but all water systems have their problems.   If you have clean water you are the minority exception.   Water is the most important item in your house.   Hot and Cold water alike are sources of pollution that enter your body every time you or your children turn on the water.   You need a WHOLE HOUSE solution so all water is filtered.   In the shower or bath you get a royal dose of toxins that you enter your skin and goes directly into your blood stream where it settles in your cells.   When you breath in that warm water vapor the toxins are there also and go directly into your system.  When you wash dishes or vegetables in the kitchen sink you also get a dose of toxins.   Over the long term these build up and you get sick  … one toxic dose at a time.

Find out how you can cure this issue in your own home.   Your water supplier will not cure it.  If you are on a well or city water you have a water problem that is curable using our world class MR5 Whole House Water Filter.  This is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter that removes thousands of chemicals and toxins from your water.  Click on the following link for more information and to order (in stock with next day free shipping).

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This article should shock and disturb you for one simple reason. When you take pharma products they have a limiting effect with use. This means that if you take an antibiotic over a long period of time it will no longer work. Take tetracycline for example, a prescription drug that used to work on many ailments but no longer works because it has been in the water table for so long that people have been drinking it and taking it into their bodies in the daily shower for years. They have been “taking” it for so long that it no longer is effective against the ailments (like staph infection). The study noted here shows that the world rivers are so polluted with pharmaceuticals that they pose a health risk not only to fish and wildlife but also to humans. The primary worst offending locations are the rivers and ground water in developed countries like the USA, Europe and UK.

Our MR5 Whole House Water Filter removes pharmaceuticals to a high percentage for your entire house including the daily shower. Small plastic sink and shower curtains do not remove pharmaceuticals … you need a commercial grade solution. Additionally it removes thousands of other toxins all of which are accumulating in your body every day. The MR5 is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter. Make the wise move and order your MR5 Whole House Water Filter today (FREE SHIPPING).

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When headlines speak of national problems, we tend to think that the problem is “out there”.   We think “my water looks clean” so why should I be concerned?   When we buy or build a home, we tend to look at the energy efficiency and air quality factors we hear so much about these days. This tendency affects how we should think about environmental contamination and how it might affect us— right in our home’s water.

Our oceans, lakes, and streams look pristine. But beneath the surface they are contaminated. The National Resource Defense Council tells us that potentially harmful contaminants, from arsenic to copper and lead, are found in the tap water of every single state in the nation. And recently there’s a newer class of contaminants, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOAs) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) to consider.

In addition to Teflon from our non-stick cookware, paint, polishes, waxes, cleaning products, food packaging, and fire-suppressing foam all contain PFAs. Approximately 9,000 toxic chemicals make up the class of PFAS, and reliable estimates are that 99% of all Americans already have PFAs in their blood.  Small amounts of these chemicals accumulate over time in our bodies. This accumulation helps cause serious health issues, including kidney and liver disease, developmental problems, and cancer.  Especially affected are pregnant and nursing mothers, young children, the elderly.

What’s in Your Home’s Water?

When we take a shower or turn on the tap for a glass of water, we’re subject to exposure. The biggest assault of contaminants to humans actually happens during the daily shower. Our skin, the largest organ of the body, absorbs water and delivers toxins directly into the bloodstream which then deposit the toxins into your cells. Of course, toxins are also in drinking water from the tap and bottled water.

It’s a common misconception that using a water softener helps filter contaminants. This is not true. The only role a water softener plays is to remove calcium and magnesium minerals reduce hard water.  Some water softener companies market their products as “whole house filters” but they are not.   Removal of toxins requires a broad spectrum filtration system at the Point of Entry so that all hot and cold water are filtered.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the standards for what’s in our water in the United States, but in too many cases their standards are out of date or non-existent. Cities claim they are “compliant” with Federal Standards but these standards have not been updated in decades and only address a few toxins.   It is up to the homeowner, builder, architect or plumber to defend against this invasion of toxins at the point of entry into the home.

Water Standards

Regional water utility providers do not consistently observe water quality standards. Using data from the EPA, Elbakidze and Beeson [2021] examined how differences in Clean Water Act regulations affect compliance. They found that compliance may improve after introducing new standards as operations and procedures are modified, when inputs like disinfectants are adjusted, or technologies are upgraded to address new standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EPA are both responsible for drinking water safety. The EPA regulates public tap water, currently setting legal limits on more than 90 contaminants, while the FDA regulates bottled drinking water.  But today’s toxins are in the thousands and the list is growing every day.

Recent activity by the FDA includes:

  • In 2019 the agency released a PFAS action plan. However, it did not have deadlines for action, so homeowners are left on their own to find solutions.
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) enables states to set their own drinking water standards as long as they are as stringent as the EPA’s
  • In March 2021, the EPA indicated it would regulate the two worst drinking water PFAS chemicals, however there are thousands of PFAS chemicals they do not address.
  • In 2021, a bill passed the house that requires the EPA to establish national drinking water standards for PFAS. The EPA added 175 PFAs to the Toxics Release Inventory in response to the bill and also released a PFAS Strategic Roadmap that accelerates setting standards for PFOA and PFOS by 2023.

Actual standards, however, are likely at least five years out so the homeowners are left to their own resources to install a real solution.

In December 2021, they announced that the agency will expand drinking water testing nationwide to monitor 29 PFAS and lithium. The United States Public Interest Research Group PIRG and Environment America weighed in on the news stating that, while increasing monitoring is positive, it fails to take any tangible action to reduce the use of the toxic chemicals or recommend solutions to the homeowner.   Since the cost to cities is beyond their financial reach, the homeowner is left with the task of installing qualified equipment.

Regardless of Laws and Standards, YOU Can take action and Solve This

Things are moving in the right direction, but slowly. And, as long as we ingest the water in our homes through showers, cooking and drinking, we should take a proactive approach to keep our family safe.

While water can look pristine, we know it isn’t. JMCC’s MR5 whole-house water filtration system provides your family with toxic- and chemical-free water. Not only does its unique filter system extract heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins, it explicitly addresses PFAS, chemicals, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), glyphosate, nitrates, agricultural runoff, and toxins. The MR5 removes viruses at 100 nm and zaps anything smaller with an optional UV-post filter.

The MR5 whole-house filtration system with an optional UV-post filter costs less than $2,000 plus the cost of a plumber to install it. Your family will experience the benefits of the MR5 immediately upon installation, and, most important, you will be eliminating the cumulative effects of toxins and PFAS going forward, safeguarding your family’s health.

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Most people believe that the water they use in their homes is okay. They build beautiful homes, perhaps even filled with energy efficiency and air quality considerations, but rarely think about the water quality in their dwelling. The reality that often goes overlooked due to its not-as-obvious effect is that our water in the U.S. is, in fact, contaminated, and this contamination can represent a long-term health hazard for all of us.

The Water in our Homes

Clothing, products and food packaging, Teflon and other nonstick pans, stain-resistant products such as carpets and furniture, and fire fighting foam are all made with polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS). Dubbed “forever chemicals” because they cannot break down over time, their resistance to grease, oil, water, and heat allows them to accumulate in the environment and us. We find these chemicals increasingly in our water.

At extremely small levels, these chemicals cause adverse effects in the liver, heart, hormone and immune systems, reproductive organs, and fetal development. In a 2019 CDC study and report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, researchers found PFAS in the blood and urine of virtually all of the volunteers tested.

An interactive map of PFAS contamination created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as of August 2021 tells the story of PFAS contamination in 2,854 sites in 50 states and two territories. That’s only part of the story. Federal regulators have failed to act. There are no regulations in place to prevent PFAS contamination nor to correct the damage already done.

There is, fortunately, new interest in dealing with PFAS. What the government is doing:

  • In 2019 the agency released a PFAS action plan; however, it did not include deadlines for action
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) enables states to set their own drinking water standards as long as they are as stringent as the EPA’s
  • In March 2021, the EPA indicated it would regulate the two worst drinking water PFAS
  • In 2021, a bill passed the house that requires the EPA to establish national drinking water standards for PFAS. The EPA added 175 PFAs to the Toxics Release Inventory in response to the bill and also released a PFAS Strategic Roadmap that accelerates setting standards for PFOA and PFOS by 2023
  • Actual standards are likely at least five years out

Let’s look at five different aspects of how you use water in your home—and the current status of each.


Is the water in your house truly drinkable? Just about every source outside of the regional water provider and the EPA says that it is not. The EWG map of PFAS previously mentioned shows where the contamination is most prevalent. As of mid-2021, the EPA has only established “health advisory levels” for PFAS compounds—so they are free to exist in our drinking water. Most people that add filtration do so for their drinking water alone, using systems that don’t yet address other aspects caused by PFAS.

Shower and Bath

What is shocking for most people to consider is that the most significant onslaught of toxins hits us when we shower. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and our lungs contain more surface area. Between the water hitting our skin and breathing in toxins as vapor, these toxins never hit the purifying capabilities of the liver and kidneys and instead go directly into our blood and cells, accumulating for months, years, and decades.

On-the-go Water

We tend to turn to bottled water for convenience and safety when we believe that our tap water may be unsafe, has an unpleasant odor, or is not running clear. In a recent Civilian Exposure article, citing a Consumer Reports study of 47 bottled water brands for PFAS content, testing focused on 30 PFAS chemicals and four heavy metals—arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. The study found that two of 35 noncarbonated waters tested exceeded the 1 part per trillion threshold currently recommended, one of the two coming in at 4.64 ppt. Seven of 12 carbonated brands tested exceeded the threshold, with the highest being 9.76 ppt.

Does it All Come Out in the Wash?

When we wash our clothes with filtered water, we eliminate the harmful effects of chlorine on our skin when we wear the clothes. This also minimizes the fabric from breaking down and fading. Given the use of chemical-free and contamination-free for laundry, our clothing is not only cleaner, but it also stays in great condition much longer. With filtered water, we make sure that dirt, chlorine and other chemicals, and grime are the only things that come out in the wash—not the brightness of our clothes or the disintegration of the fabric.

The Protection Myth of a Water Softener

Many believe that using a water softener protects against toxins. Not so. Water softeners do precisely what they are supposed to do if you are in a hard-water area, remove calcium and magnesium minerals to prevent limescale that clogs plumbing, mineral deposits on dishes and appliances, scratch clothes, and dry skin and hair. To remove the long-list of toxins/chemicals, however, a whole-house water filtration system is the only thing that will work.

There’s a solution—The MR5

There is a solution, and a pretty simple one that addresses what can be considered the third most important aspect of the building you call home, your water quality. By using an MR5 whole-house water filtration system, the water that comes out of your faucet, goes into your washing machine, and sprays out of the shower or bath, will be toxic- and chemical-free. The MR5 uses ultra-fiber, a series of layered meshes comprising the outside shell technology. Inside this layer is the medium that extracts all heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins. The targeted toxin filtration system specifically addresses PFAS, chemicals, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), glyphosate, nitrates, agricultural runoff, and toxins. The MR5 removes viruses at 100 nm and zaps anything smaller with an optional UV-post filter.

Benefits include:

  • Drinking water that is toxin-free, odorless, and tastes good
  • Showers and baths that no longer enable the absorption of PFAS, chemicals, and toxins into your skin and lungs
  • On-the-go water that can be provided directly from the tap, eliminating both the cost and the little-known long-term effects of purchasing bottled water
  • Clothing will keep its color and shape, no longer disintegrating from residual chlorine and chemicals
  • If your water is hard, use a water softener—but if not, it has no use in removing toxins

The MR5 whole-house filtration system is available with the optional UV-post filter.  It will cost less than $1,700 plus the cost of a plumber to install it. The most important reason to purchase an MR5 Whole House filtration system is the long-term health of you and your family.  If you are a homeowner, builder, architect or plumber, you should include this in your plans to assure that your homes meet the three important aspects of a healthy home – Energy Efficiency, Clean Air and Point of Entry Clean Water.

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