FAQs for MR5 Whole House Water Filter – Frequently Asked Questions

For builders, contractors, architects, plumbers AND last but not lease Home Owners of new and existing construction … see how quickly and economically you can install an MR5 Whole House water filter and start enjoying water free of chemicals and toxins from both hot and cold water.   It is like having a pure mountain mineral water stream in your home.  This is not a water softener but a highly advanced full spectrum water purification system to be used in conjunction with a water softener if you have hard water.

Q. How soon will I notice better water?
You will notice results within a few hours after installing the MR5. Your pipes and hot water heater tank need time to clean out and be replaced with clean filtered water. The filtered water will mix with the water previously in the water heater for a few days until the water in the tank is completely replaced with filtered water. From then on you will experience the beauty of chemical free water in all fixtures of the house.

Q. Do I still need a water softener?
The MR5 is NOT a water softener but is a broad spectrum water filter. Water softeners are designed to remove minerals that create hard water and at most a few toxins. Beware there are companies trying to sell water softeners calling them whole house water filters. A water softener features single or multiple tanks each with a single small top opening. They are filled with resins that only remove a few minerals (minerals are not toxins). The water softener does not have a physical filter surface nor a broad spectrum medium to remove thousands of chemicals. If there is a resin tank with a single small top outlet then it is only a water softener, not a water filter. If you have hard water in your area, then yes, you should also install a water softener upstream from the MR5. We do not sell nor recommend water softeners since there are thousands of variations.

Q. Will the MR5 reduce water pressure?
No, the MR5 will not reduce water pressure or flow rate.

Q. What is the MR5 flow rate?
The flow rate of the MR5 is up to 15 gallons per minute (GPM). To give you an idea of flow rates in your house, the kitchen faucet flow rates are 2-3 GPM, showers are 1.5 – 3 GPM, dishwashers 2-4 GPM and washing machines 3-5 GPM. If you had all appliances running at the same time the MR5 will be more than sufficient to filter all the water in the home or even small apartment building. For larger applications or commercial/industrial applications we have large commercial systems, but the MR5 is the correct model for the average home.

Q. Why is the JMCC MR5 unique in the industry?
There are no other products that can compete. The MR5 was selected from our extensive product line to meet the severe water pollution seen in municipal water systems and rural wells with toxic farm runoff. It comes in an affordable but high quality lifetime stainless steel housing. We expanded manufacturing, warehouse and shipping facilities to meet large national markets and bring the MR5 pricing down so any homeowner can afford to purchase and install in existing or new construction. The MR5 is a 2 stage filter with an initial Ultra Fiber 0.1 micron shield to remove particulate material. The second stage is our proprietary medium that targets thousands of toxins and lets the healthy minerals pass through. Five of our 20” filters allow high flow rate sufficient for any home water use. The water is filtered prior to the water heater so both hot and cold water in the entire house are purified. It is like having your own pure mountain mineral water in your house.

Q. Does the MR5 backflush like Reverse Osmosis or other filters?
NO the MR5 does not backflush nor does it add anything to the water as with “water conditioners”. Along with the optional UV Sterilizer, you are assured of having the purest water possible.

Q. Is the UV virus filter necessary?
JMCC’s best-in-class UV sterilizer is optional, however most people add it as a final precaution to kill any organisms that pass through the MR5 filter. Uniquely, it features the longest tube at 36”, the brightest UV light on the market at 55 watts with the highest flow capacity 12 gallons per minute. A free replacement bulb is also included. Additional information on UV filters can be found in an FDA statement regarding UV lights .

Q. Do those plastic big box store filters work?
NO. Those small plastic filters for sink, refrigerator or shower have only a small amount of charcoal that does not have an initial physical filter and only removes chlorine (not the thousands of toxins in your water). They do not have enough “contact time” with the fast flowing water to even remove chlorine effectively. You need a true whole house solution with industrial quality filtration.

Q. I live on a farm with well water … why do I need an MR5 Whole House Water Filter?
Some of the worst polluted water comes from rural area water tables where there is extensive farm runoff with cancerous glyphosate (RoundUp), nitrates from fertilizers and in many cases naturally occurring Arsenic and lead. You need a whole house filter system as much as the city dwellers.

Q. My city water supplier states that our municipal water meets “federal standards” … does that mean I do not need a filter?
Meeting federal standards means they only test for a few toxins and then are allowed to add chlorine, fluoride, chloramine and other toxic chemicals to the water. Chlorine creates 8 different acids that are toxic. The lint in your clothes drier is the result of chlorine destroying your clothes so they look lifeless and dull after just one washing. Fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a highly toxic waste material that requires men in HASMAT suits to put into the water supply. PFAS chemicals are in all water supplies in the USA today and are highly toxic. The EPA is studying only 25 of the 9000 PFAS chemicals known to pollute the water in the USA from decades of industrial pollution. All we can say for certain is that there are many chemicals in your water and your city is not going to tell you since they do not test for them. There are naturally occurring toxins like Arsenic which accumulate over the years in your body. You need an industrial solution like the MR5 to remove toxins to safe levels.

Q. What is the greatest input of toxins in the body?
The daily shower is the greatest source of toxins since they come directly through your skin and go directly into your blood stream and into your cells (drinking water is filtered through your kidneys and liver). Breathing in toxins in the vapor in the shower is the second greatest source of toxins also going directly into your blood stream and cells. You accumulate over months, years and decades until you become sick from elevated levels of toxins. You need a whole house water filter (both hot and cold water) to remove toxins at an industrial level in today’s toxic world.

Q. Do local plumbers know how to install it?
Plumbers will find the MR5 easy to install with our complete instructions. Once you receive your MR5, locate a local plumber. At your request we will send installation instructions to the plumber and talk to them if necessary, so when they arrive, they will have everything they need. Installation takes approximately three hours. We recommend a professional licensed plumber since they know all the local code issues and are experienced.

Q. How much space does the MR5 require for installation?
Allow at least 12” x 12” x 60” high for the MR5 (it is only about 30” tall) but you need room to remove and replace the 20” filter elements (the MR5 must be installed vertically). The optional UV filter is 36” long and requires an additional 36” to remove and replace the bulb (it can be installed either horizontally or vertically).

Q. How long do the filter elements last between changes?
The MR5 filter elements last an average of 50,000 gallons or about 18 months for the average family of 4. It is a good idea to purchase extra filter elements with your original order so you will have on hand. If you have municipal water then your bill will tell your past water usage to give you an idea of how long it will take you to use 50,000 gallons.  If you have a well then install an inexpensive water meter with your MR5.   The average homeowner can change the filter elements in about 30 minutes.

Q. How large a home will the MR5 service?
The MR5 will filter water for houses up to a 10,000 sq ft with five bathrooms and it can even be used in a small apartment building. We selected the MR5 from our extensive commercial product line to mass produce for the average home (keeping prices low and availability high) so you will never be out of clean chemical toxin free water.

Q. I am a builder, contractor, architect or plumber can I get contractor discounts?

YES we offer both an affiliate program and builder discounts and will work directly with you or your homeowners … use the CONTACT form (top of this page) and we will explain the options.   You should be including WHOLE HOUSE clean water as you do with energy efficiency and clean air in your build philosophy.

Q. Do you have store fronts around the country and installation crews?
No … we ship all products direct from our warehouses FREE SHIPPING to your door in the USA. We keep your costs down to less than 50% of what it would cost if you had local distributors. We keep a large stock so your product will ship within hours of your order and you will be enjoying clean chemical free water. You hire a local plumber to install because they know the local codes and regulations. We work with your plumber to make sure you have a rapid installation. This is the most economical sales model.

Q. How much does the MR5 cost including installation?
For less than $2000 you can purchase and have installed by a local plumber. You may wish to purchase the optional UV Sterilizer and extra sets of filter elements. Averaged over 10 years, the cost of having amazing fresh as a mountain stream water in your entire home is about $400 per year including filter changes for an average family of 4. Some other cost factors are 1) long term better health for your entire family, 2) reduced risk of chronic disease, 3) better feeling skin after a shower, 4) no more purchasing expensive bottled water (take your own water from home) and 5) longer life of your clothes without chlorinated water.

Q. How do I order?
The MR5 can be ordered alone or with additional filter packs (you save money when purchased with the original order). We recommend ordering at least one extra filter pack. We recommend the optional UV Filter Sterilizer (comes with one extra bulb). You can order extra bulbs (change every 12 months about 10 minute easy operation) and quartz sleeves (an extra quartz sleeve is included and only necessary if you break the original). If you have a coupon code use it on the shopping cart page for a discount (typically coupon codes are offered through our advertisers). CLICK HERE for the order page MR5 Whole House Water Filter

Q. I need a large scale commercial/industrial solution what can you provide?
Yes, a commercial custom solution is available from small to very large commercial/industrial/municipal water filtration needs – select the Commercial/Industrial/Municipal option under SALES PRODUCTS button on the top of this page for more details and a custom quote using the CONTACT form.