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Homeowners, Builders, Architects and Plumbers … you are in the right place. Water quality is becoming be a high priority for the modern home.  Most people assume their water is safe.   However, in 97% of the USA, invisible toxins are present in your water.  These toxins accumulate in your body over time affecting your family’s health.  We have a simple, effective and inexpensive solution called the MR5 Whole House Water Filter.

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Energy Efficient
Using modern building practices to use less energy to heat, cool and operate appliances.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Controlling indoor and outdoor airborne pollutants by selecting building materials and construction practices to reduce risk of health concerns.

Water Quality
Selecting a Point of Entry (POE) Whole House water filter so both hot and cold water in the house are free from toxins in the water for all points of use – kitchen, bath/shower and laundry.  Whether you are in the city or rural location, today’s water supplies contain invisible toxins that accumulate in your body over time.  Our solution is not a water softener or a small screw on fixture, but a broad spectrum Whole House water filter in a lifetime stainless steel housing that provides pure water to all points of use in the modern healthy home.

Where Your Water Matters


  • Toxins are absorbed through the skin going right into our bloodstream and cells, bypassing our body’s filters, the liver, and kidneys.
  • Breathing in the water vapor during showers increases toxin dosage.
  • This is your biggest dosage of toxins!
  • Toxins accumulate in your cells over time affecting health and well being.
  • Small plastic shower filters do not remove toxins and only last for a few gallons!


  • Drinking, washing food and cooking with unfiltered tap water or bottled water delivers much of the contamination into your hands and food. This pertains to hot and cold water.
  • Most filters only filter cold water … you need a filtration solution for both hot and cold water.


  • Chlorinated water breaks down the fabric of your clothes every time you do laundry. Your clothes look dull and lifeless after just one wash … this is due to chlorine being added to the city municipal water supply. The MR5 removes Chlorine and the 8 acid compounds that form as a by product of chlorinated water.
  • The lint seen in the dryer is the result of the chlorinated water breaking down your clothes.

The problem isn’t just “out there.” It’s in virtually every home in every state.

Urban Settings

In 2019, almost 1,400 public water systems in New Jersey violated the EPA’s water quality standards. Contaminants in New Jersey in that year alone meant chemical and toxin exposure for more than half of the state’s population. Every major city has similar problems.

Rural Settings

California farms provide a wealth of food for the nation, but its farming community residents drink water with arsenic and uranium.  In 2019, more than 1 in 10 were affected by unsafe water in 12 counties, while 1,600 public water systems violated EPA standards. In the USA Agricultural runoff of Glyphosate (Round Up) and nitrates permeate the nation’s rural ground water.

PFAS (Forever Chemicals) are a national problem just recently becoming recognized for both rural and urban areas.
Who is Affected? The truth is, we all are.


  • Pregnant women & nursing mothers are the highest risk for various health concerns
  • Affects immune system and natural hormones
  • Increases risk of cancer
  • Increases cholesterol levels
  • Unborn babies and infants are at risk, too.

FACT … PFAS chemicals at danger levels are measured in PARTS per TRILLION and long term affects are cumulative … you can reduce your exposure with a MR5 Whole House Water Filter.   The EPA is only studying 25 of the over 9000 PFAS chemicals known to contaminate our water supplies.   Cities will be a long time before they can react to this major health threat.    To be safe you have to solve this issue at the individual home.

The Solution—The MR5

JMCC Water Filters is more than 20 years old. Its flagship product, the MR5 Whole House Water Filter, is designed for the average U.S. Household to remove PFAS chemicals to safe levels and thousands of other industrial toxins, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, and even naturally occurring toxins such as arsenic and lead. It also removes gasses and odor yet allows natural minerals necessary for good health to pass through for proper water pH.


  • Easily installed in just a few hours in any house by a plumber, where the municipal or well water line enters the home.
  • Renders all water, including kitchen, bathroom, shower, laundry, and outdoor faucets (hot and cold water), free from toxins.
  • Requires no electricity
  • Maintenance as simple as changing filter elements approximately every 12 months or 50,000 gallons or use.
  • No backflushing as with reverse osmosis systems.
  • Allows up to 12 gallons per minute flow rate, enough for any home to be free from toxic substances in the water supply.
  • Removes particulate matter, bacteria, viruses at the 100 nm level. Whatever makes it through the filter is removed by using our optional ultraviolet post filter.
  • Low cost – less than $1700.

The MR5 is the most advanced broad spectrum water filter available (not a water softener).  It is like having a pure mountain water stream in your house.  

What is in Your Water? You will love to say, Virtually nothing that will harm our family.”
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Our Mission

JMCC Water Filter’s mission is to educate the public on our water’s dire condition nationally and provide products that bring home the best solution. JMCC Water Filters is dedicated to enabling the cleanest, healthiest water in each home via our unique water filtration technology at an affordable price. We are committed to impacting a crucial national challenge—one home at a time.  Read here how easy it will be to order and have your filter installed.

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