Product Line Description

1/2 and 3/4 Inch (in) Inlet Size Filter Housing for Point of Use or Small Home.

There are blue and transparent styles water filter housing for sale.10” and 20” to meet different requirement. 2.5” x 10” and 2.5” x 20” filter housings are intended for point-of-use and some light point-of-entry applications. This is the smallest filter you should put on a whole house application. Systems are available in single, dual and triple applications. Inlet sizes available are 1/2 and 3/4.

Brands HUAMO
Inlet Size 1/2 in
3/4 in
Filter Size 2.5 x10 in
2.5 x 20 in
Pressure 1/45 ÂșC
Total Height 320 mm
Style Number 3
Port Size 1/2 in
3/4 in
1 in
Inlet/Outlet Thread Brass Insert
Keywords 2.5\’\’ Filter Housing
Transparent Filter Housing
Water Filter Housing
  • Head of ABS with threaded brass
  • Tank Opaque
Additional Information
Carries special transparent filter housing 10 inches and 20 inches for cartridges washable pre-filtration or filtration of drinking water or for watering gardens.
The fact that the body of the filter housing is translucent, can know when the cartridge must be washed pleated or wound cartridge must be changed.
The housing can receive different types of wound filters, activated carbon or specific container.
The filter housing is made of plastic food.
It comes with a wrench and a support.