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Most people think their tap water quality is good—in fact, we rely on it. After all, it looks clear, and locally our municipal water system will proudly tell us that it meets “Federal Standards”.

What about the things you can’t see? Cause long-term complications: chemicals and toxins.

Dangerous “forever chemicals” (PFAS) are lurking in all water supplies in the U.S.

These chemicals are used to make carpets, clothing, furniture fabric, firefighting foams, food packaging, cookware, and other materials resistant to water, grease, or stains. Estimates are that 99% of all Americans have PFAs in their blood and they are carcinogens.

The MR5

The MR5 Whole House Water Filter not only remove PFAS to safe levels, but also thousands of industrial toxins, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, and such naturally occurring toxins as arsenic. It also removes gasses and odor from water yet allows natural minerals that are necessary for good health to pass through.

The commercial-grade MR5 filtration system stainless steel housing surrounds five 20″ HI-filter elements and is installed where the municipal or well water line enters the home. Both hot and cold water will be filtered for kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower, laundry use. An optional UV Virus Final Filter also available and recommended. The extremely rugged unit is manufactured from lifetime 304 stainless steel.

Within the steel housing, is ultra-fiber mesh, a series of layered mesh that provides 0.1-micron filtration across the entire filter. The inside of this layer features a medium that extracts heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, PFAS “forever chemicals” and thousands of other toxins.

JMCC’HI-filter elements utilize a two-stage system. The outer shell first removes pollutants to 0.1 micron. while the second stage inner medium, removes PFA “forever chemicals,” organic/inorganic chemicals, VOCS, arsenic, chlorine, chloramines, glyphosates, heavy metals, odor gasses, radioactive atoms, and more.

The heart of the MR5 Whole House Filter is our 20″ JMCC Water Filters “HI” 2 stage filter element.   Five of them in the MR5 give the high flow rate necessary for your house demanding water needs.  The HI elements feature an outer 0.1 micron Ultra Fiber physical filter and inside is our proprietary “intelligent medium” that targets thousands of toxins while leaving the healthy minerals pass through.   The high precision manufactured stainless steel casing is made with CAD/CAM machining and welding so each unit is exactly the same.   This is why we alone can fill the mass markets of homeowners, builders, plumbers and architects across the country, as people become aware of the need to filter in each house at the Point of Entry (POE) so both hot and cold water are filtered.

The MR5 is the most complete all-in-one water filtration system available for home or small commercial installation. It provides the highest possible quality at an affordable price.


In addition to the unique filter-system design, JMCC solved a myriad of challenges when bringing the MR5 to market, including:

  • The ability to mass-produce the filter system—creating its own processes to do so
  • The highly rugged nature of the system gives you decades of care free use after installation at the Point of Entry in the home
  • Although rugged and solidly built, the system is incredibly easy to install and to maintain
  • For less than $2K plus the cost of a local plumber, you can be assured that you are providing your family with the safest possible water
  • JMCC ships all of its products with FREE SHIPPING via UPS to all the continental 48 states. (Orders from Alaska and Hawaii will be billed additional charges at the time of shipping via email invoice).

The MR5 removes viruses at the 100 nm size and what little makes it through the filter is zapped by the optional ultraviolet post filter.

A Word About Shipping

JMCC provides FREE SHIPIPNG for the MR5. It is our commitment to ensuring that filtered water is accessible to as many people as possible—the MR5 will be conveniently delivered to your door to any of the 50 states.


Specification MR5
GPM 7.0 (Max 12)
Number of 20” Elements 5
In/Out Pipe Diameter 1.5”
Filter Capacity (Gallons) 57,000
Chlorine > 99% 57,000
Chloramine > 99% 28,000*
Mercury >97% 28,000
Viruses >99% UV Virus Bacteria Final Filter (optional)
Lead >98.5% 28,000


  • High- flow solution for maximum removal of challenging contaminants.
  • Recommended use with our UV virus bacteria final filter includes extra UV bulb.
  • Sample Capacities: (removes other contaminants to 99% levels)
  • Pressure Gauge & Pressure Release Valve and initial filter pack included
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant
  • Product uses standard PVC or copper tubing.

* JMCC recommends that filters should be changed every 50,000 gallons. However, if there is knowledge that a particular toxin is prevalent in the area, filters should be changed to address that issue.

When ordering you can select the MR5 alone or with cost saving additional filter packs (the homeowner can easily  change every 50,000 gallons measuring water usage on your water meter).  You may wish to add the optional UV Sterilizer (recommended) to your shopping cart and extra UV bulbs (manufacturer suggested change every 12 months).  We have them in stock and ready to send FREE SHIPPING UPS to your door.   We will work with your local plumber to make sure you have a rapid trouble free installation.  Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to order your MR5 filter.

Download the HI-Filter Element Spec Sheet click here JMCC-WATER-FILTERS-HI-spec-sheet.pdf

**Builder Contractor, Plumber and Architect Bulk Discounts and Affiliate Program – Large Scale Industrial level solutions for all water problems – For more information email

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