4040/8040 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Housing Membrane Filter Pressure Vessels

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FRP membrane housing for industrial RO membrane 8040, It made of fiber glass. The product is available in both end entry and side entry configuration, pressure rating from 150 psi to 1200 psi and length from 1 through 7 membrane elements.

FRP RO housing FRP Membrane Housing 4 inch/8 inch RO Membrane Housing For RO Water Plant reverse osmosis membrane pressure vessels FRP ro membrane housing 4 inch FRP RO membrane housing/Membrane pressure Vessel. It is the most important parts in RO unit besides RO membrane, so the best quality and pressure resistance is a must for the pressure vessel.

Brands HUAMO
Material Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Working Pressure 300 psi
400 psi
1000 psi
1200 psi
Pressure Rating 150 to 1200 psi
Internal diameter 112 mm
Available Lengths (Cores) 1
Operating Temperature -7 to 49 ÂșC
Standard Color White
  1. FRP twisted case, durable
  2. End port or side port is optional
  3. Other colors also available for selection
  4. Can be produced according to customer’s order
  5. FRP Pressure Vessel with all kinds of specifications for your choice