Product Line Description

50 Element Cartridge Capacity 150 Pound per Square Inch (psi) Maximum Working Pressure Industrial Stainless Steel Filter Housing.
SS Filter Housing consists of SUS316L or SUS304, and take filter cartridge as its element. The SS filter housing can be used for filtration of liquid, gas and 0.1 µm above particles and bacteria, with high removal rating and flow rate. It possess properties of lower absorption, no medium shedding, no leakage, acid and alkali Resistance, and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is easy to wash and function as back flush, and is ideal filtration equipment for the industry of biology & pharmacy, beer & beverage, chemical, and water treatment etc.

Brands JMCC
Series FBC-3
Cartridge Capacity 50 Element
Drain Size 1 in
Inlet/Outlet 3 to 4 in
Maximum Working Pressure 150 psi
Material Steel Use Stainless (SUS304L)
Steel Use Stainless (SUS316L)
Connection Available Flange
Female Thread
Cartridge Configuration Accepted 222/Fin
DOE (Double Open End)
Cap Type Swing Bolt Hinged by Lifting
Making Method Polished
Dimension A 580 mm
Dimension B  1200 mm
Dimension C 2130 mm
Dimension D 650 mm
Dimension F 300 mm
Dimension H 810 mm