Product Line Description

1.5 Cubic Meters Per Hour (m³/h) Flow Rate Household Water Softener System.
Widely used for steam boiler, hot water boiler, water heater, Central air conditioning system, superior life water and so on. Control system: Imported from USA, tank material: FRP, carbon steel or stainless steel, we can design flexibly with customer’s requirement. Softening resin: Superior 001 x 7 Strong acid type sodium ions exchange resin.

The filter element of water softening is resin (we use it to soften water). When water flow into the system, the resin will automatically absorb impurities calcium and magnesium ions in original/source water. But it will be saturation gradually after using for some time, so we need saline to restore and regeneration to make resin work again.

Brands HUAMO
Brine Tank Material Polyethylene (PE)
Flow Rate 0.5 m³/h
Resin Filling 7 L
Control Method Control Valve
Inlet/Outlet 1/2 in
System Size 450 x 225 x 680 mm
Keywords Household Water Softener System
  1. Full Auto PLC Control System.
  2. Food grade Resin : ensure softening quality and safety.
  3. PE brine tank with High Density: No deformation.
  4. Regeneration programming: Personally design.
  5. Humanized double control with both flow and timing type.
  6. Energy saving, time saving, salt saving.
  7. Simple menu operation.
  8. Algaecide and anti-bacteria lining: prevent facility pollution.