Product Line Description

0.3 to 0.7 Cubic Meter Per Hour (m³/h) Product Flow Electrodeionization (EDI) Module for Water Polishing.
Electrodeionization is currently the most advanced technology for ion-exchange. With this technology (ultra)pure water can be produced continuously. This high-end technology can have an application in sectors such as: Power plants, process industry and pharmaceutical industry. An EDI-unit is usually used as a post treatment of Reverse Osmosis water.

Brands HUAMO
Product Flow 0.3 to 0.7 m³/h
Recovery 85 to 95 %
Resistivity ≥ 15 MΩ·cm
Direct Current Voltage (DCV) 20 to 60 V
Direct Current Amperage (DCA) 2 to 5 A
Inlet Pressure 0.10 to 0.3 MPa
Maximum Pressure 0.7 MPa
Fresh Water/Water Pipe Nozzle Size DN25
Fresh Water Inlet/Outlet Nozzle Size DN15
Requested of Feed Water
Resource Water RO water conductivity less than 20 µS·cm better than 10 µS·cm
Potential of Hydrogen (pH) Range 6.0 to 9.0 pH
Temperature Range 5 to 35 ºC
Hardness < 0.5 ppm
Maximum Organics 0.5 ppm
Recommended Organics 0 ppm
Maximum Oxidizers 0.05 ppm
Maximum Iron-Manganese (Fe-Mn) 0.01 ppm
Maximum Silica 0.5 ppm
Maximum Carbon Dioxide 5 ppm
Oil Not Detectable
Additional Information
Electrodeionization (EDI) is an electrically-driven water treatment technology that uses electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin to remove ionized species from water.

It is wisely combined electro dialysis with ion exchange technology, by using of high-voltage electrodes at both ends to drive charged ion in the water to move, and with the ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane to accelerate ions moving, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification.