MR5 Multi Round Highflow Whole House Water Filters

Product Line Description

Our stainless steel housing MR5 with FIVE huge 20″ “HI” filter elements is a commercial grade filtration system that is placed at the water main POINT OF ENTRY in your house. Both hot and cold water will be filtered for kitchen, bath sink, shower, laundry, plants and animals. Optional UV Virus Final Filter also available (recommended) all manufactured from lifetime 304 stainless steel. You need an industrial grade solution for an industrial grade problem in your home with today’s water conditions off the charts INCLUDING VIRUSES and PFAS “Forever Chemicals”.

Brands HUAMO
Flow Rate 7.0 gpm
Maximum Flow Rate 15 gpm
# 20 Inch (in) Elements 5
In Out Pipe Diameter 1.5 in
Capacities 57,000 gal
Chlorine (> 99 Percent (%)) 57,000 gal
Chloramine (> 99 Percent (%)) 28,000 gal
Mercury (> 97 Percent (%)) 28,000 gal
Viruses (> 99 Percent (%)) Using Optional Ultraviolet (UV) Virus Final Filter
Lead (> 98.5 Percent (%)) 28,000 gal
  • 5-20″ JMCC HI filter element Filter Pack (note super saver price when purchasing extra filter packs with initial order-select in drop down menu below)
  • UV (Ultra Violet) Virus Bacteria Final Filter (36″ Stainless Housing/55 Watt/12 gallon per minute-comes with free extra replacement bulb and extra Quartz Sleeve)(Recommended not required)
  • Extra MR5 Element Packs
  • Replacement bulbs for UV Filter-(2 pack)
  • Replacement Quartz tubes for UV Filter-(2 pack)
  • Highflow solution for maximum removal of challenging contaminants.
  • Recommended use with our UV virus bacteria final filter
  • Sample Capacities: (removes other contaminants to 99% levels)
  • Built-In Pressure Gauge & Pressure Release Valve
Additional Information
HIGH Flow Rate-MR5 Whole House Water Filters

For-Whole House-Ranch-Farm-Small Business that requires clean water

Your families’ health is being affected every day via clear looking polluted water.

  • Does your home or business need truly clean water? Are you removing PFAS chemicals?
  • Do you know that dangerous PFAS “forever chemicals” are in all water supplies in the USA?
  • Do you carry your own filtered water with you? Bottled water can be less reliable than tap water?
  • Do you know that showering admits more chemicals into your body than any other source?
  • Does your water taste or smell bad?
  • Do you know that Chlorinated water is destroying your clothes every time you do laundry?
  • Do you rely on Big Box or Amazon cheap plastic sink or shower filters that only remove chlorine?
  • Beware of someone trying to sell you a water softener calling it a whole house water filter. A water softener has single or multiple tanks filled with resins that only remove a few minerals or toxins. A water softener has no physical filter surface. A water softener is NOT a broad spectrum filtration system and cannot compare to our MR5. The simple rule is … if it has a resin tank it is a WATER SOFTENER … NOT A WATER FILTER.
  • Even If you are in a remote area, naturally occurring chemicals such as Arsenic and farm chemical runoff are in your water. These are some of the worst hazards to your health.
  • Municipal and rural water may meet “Federal Standards” but these are terribly outdated.
  • There are thousands of chemicals and pollutants in today’s water supplies. Our MR5 filter elements are designed to remove the maximum number of toxins of all types over the lifetime of the filter elements which last up to 50,000 gallons (about 18 months for a family of four).

Our optional UV virus filter is the best available. IT is the longest 36″tube-brightest UV light 55 watts-highest flow capacity 12 gallons per minute-comes with free extra replacement bulb-is best in class-a cheap UV bacteria virus filter is not a bargain-for further clarification of UV filters see this FDA statement FDA statement regarding UV lights. NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant

The JMCC “HI” filter elements utilize a two stage system. The outer shell first removes pollutants to 0.1 micron while the second stage (our proprietary inner medium) removes organic/inorganic chemicals, VOCS, Arsenic, Chlorine, Chloramines, Glyphosate (agricultural run-off), Heavy Metals, Odor gasses, radioactive atoms, and thousands more, INCLUDING PFAS “forever chemicals”. Give your loved ones the gift of health. I am warning people that THE GREATEST TRHEAT TO YOUR HEALTH IS SHOWERING IN CHEMICAL LADEN WATER. This occurs with the toxins entering directly into your blood stream and cells being absorbed through your skin and by breathing vapors in the shower. I therefore am promoting that every house install an MR5 Whole House Water Filter system. Those cheap plastic shower filters are not a bargain when your family’s health is at risk.

For hard water issues install a hard water softener upstream from the MR5 (BUT beware of businesses that will try to sell you a water softener and call it a whole house water filter THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!).

Our MR5 is the most complete ALL IN ONE water FILTRATION system available for home or small commercial at the lowest price. There is no other product anywhere that can compete with these.

FREE UPS SHIPPING to the 48 states (requires physical address-NO PO Boxes)-Alaska, Hawaii orders will be billed additional shipping at the time of shipping via email invoice

Use drop down menu above to order (NOTE save when you purchase replacement filter elements with original order)

MR5 Whole House Water Filter-low price-highest quality

304 Stainless Steel housing with Five 20″ “HI” High Capacity Filter Elements (purchase with extra filter packs recommended)

Easy installation-a few hour job for plumber or handy homeowner (use standard PVC or copper tubing)

Change filter elements every 57,000 gallons of water or per chart below (not to be compared to water softeners with resins that only remove one or two minerals)

MR5 and Replacement Filter Packs and UV Virus Filter – MR5 with no extra Replacement Filter Pack, MR5 with one extra Replacement Filter Pack, MR5 with two extra Replacement Filter Packs, MR5 with three extra Replacement Filter Packs, MR5 Replacement Filter Pack (purchased separately), UV Virus Final Filter, Replacement UV Bulbs, Replacement UV Quartz Tubes