O-Zone Gas Generator Water Purifiers with Automatic Air Dryer for Air and Water Treatment

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The OZ series products are corona discharge type ozone generators, with advanced IGBT power supply and ozone generation chambers utilizing dehydroxylation quartz glass structure dielectric. The special back flow water prevention design, modular circuit, anti-oxidant dielectric components, connection and pipelines have ensured the products have longer lifespan, bigger corona discharge area, lower temperature and higher ozone concentration. The specification and actual performance exceeds most of the similar products.The SOZ-YW-G small series products use heat-resistant HQG non-glass structure dielectric (BNP patent), the structure is extremely stable, long lifespan, high disc harge efficiency, and not easy to damage in the case of back flow water. The products have been the designated product of many domestically and internationally well-known beverage and food companies. Less

Brands HUAMO
Industry Focus Beverage and Food Companies
Keywords Gas Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator
Water Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Module
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Ammeter
  • Gas Flow Meter
  • Taiwan 150 type fan
  • Ozon Regulation Knob etc.
Air Sterilization
Drinking Water Treatment
Fruits and Vegetable Preservation
Marine Aquaculture
Pure Water Disinfection
Sewage Treatment
Swimming Pool