Product Line Description

1 Square Meter (m²) Active Area and 200 Gallons Per Day (gal/d) Average Permeate Domestic Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane.

Domestic RO membrane elements are spiral wound, composite polyamide membrane elements for Tap Water and Well Water treatment in low salinity application. These membranes are characterized by a very low operating feed pressure, normally is from 65psi (0.45MPa) and result in higher salt rejection rate, above 96%. These membranes are designed for domestic/commercial water treatment applications, such as the treatment of low salinity waters for home, residence, hospital, laboratory, shop, store.

Brands HUAMO
Active Membrane Area 10 ft²
1 m²
Average Permeate 200 gal/d
Stable Rejection 97 %
Testing Pressure 100 psi
0.69 MPa
Test Temperature 25 ºC
Test Concentration 500 ppm
Customized Models Available