The Historic UN Water Conference 2023 Outcome

The United Nations water conference was held from 22nd to 24th March in New York, USA with more than 10,000 attendees both in-person and online. The conference was co-hosted by Tajikistan and Netherlands. The objective of the conference was to scale up action on the global water crisis.

Background on the UN Water Conference

More than 40% of the worlds population faces water scarcity. Even in Countries and cities where water is available it may not be safe for drinking as it may contain toxins or other PFAS chemicals. Infact, in the United Sates, many states and cities receive unhealthy tap water. Various people in the United States have installed commercial and residential water filtration solutions to ensure they get safe and purified water.

The first UN water conference was held in 1977 in Argentina where governments of 116 countries attended it. Also, various international and non-government organisations attended it. The first action plan was decided which was that “all peoples, whatever their stage of development and social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to drinking water in quantities and of a quality equal to their basic needs.” This helped in many decades of funding for safe and purified water across the globe


Importance of 2023 United Nations Water Conference

It had been more than 40 years and world had been focussed on growth and development in various areas. Natural resource crisis including food and water is among the top 10 risks globally as per World Economic Forum global risk report 2023. As per the WEF, the gap between water demand and supply will be 40% by 2030.  This is a big gap and surely needs attention and focus by all countries including the United States. Infact as per World Metrological Organisation about 5 billion people will struggle to get water by 2050. Today the world population is about 8 billion and the 5 billion number is big enough to scare everyone.

Demand for water has been continuously increasing and more and more people are aware of the importance of safe and purified water. This conference was at the right time to ensure we have a road map to solve the water crisis globally and increase funding for water infrastructure across the globe.

Outcome of the 2023 UN Water Conference

The conference outcome had over 700 commitments to solve the global water crisis and to ensure we have a water secure world.

Major Announcements

  • The United States announced a commitment of up to $49 billion in investments to support climate resilient water and sanitation infrastructure and services
  • Japan will proactively contribute to the solution of water-related social issues faced by the Asia-Pacific region by developing “quality Infrastructure,” providing financial assistance worth approximately 500 billion yen ($3.65 billion) over the next five years.
  • Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, India, Mozambique, and many other countries made commitment to invest in water infrastructure.
  • More than 50 leading global companies unite to make collective commitment to SDG 6
  • The Asian Development Bank commits to investing $11 billion dollars in the water sector in the Asia-Pacific Region and $100 billion to the water sector globally by 2030.
  • Starbucks, Ecolab, Gap Inc., Reckitt, and DuPont joined forces with U.S. Government to invest nearly $140 million in Water Access Fund with the goal of reaching 5 million people with access to water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Various other announcements were made by NGO’s Private sector and various other governments. We hope this will help us to have access to safe and healthy water in the coming years.

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*Source of this article is from United Nations Website It has been edited by JMCC Water Filters
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