Chemicals Spilled in Ohio: What it means for the Residents

On 3rd February 2023 a train with more than 140 cars was derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The freight train was carrying hazardous and toxic chemicals like vinyl chloride which not only spilled locally but then burned to contaminate large areas of other states. It is said that apart from vinyl chloride, other dangerous chemicals like butyl acrylate were also present in the leaked materials.
Vinyl chloride is an industrial chemical use in the production of polymer, poly vinyl chloride (PVC), etc. Vinyl chloride is dangerous for humans and can cause serious health problems like headaches, irritation to eyes, skin allergies, dizziness and drowsiness. In long-term it can harm and damage our liver and cause cancer. Infact, US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has classified vinyl chloride as known to be ‘human carcinogen’ (cause cancer).
These chemicals can affect the residents of Ohio and neighbouring states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia to the east, Kentucky to the south, Indiana to the west as well as Michigan and Lake Erie to the north. These chemicals can travel by air or water and can cause serious damage to humans and animals.

What Should the Residents of Ohio and Neighbouring States do to avoid Health Issues

The residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Lake Erie, and Michigan need to be extra careful for the foreseeable future. The residents need to ensure the air and water that they are consuming are purified. Tap water should be avoided and only purified and filtered water should be taken. Bottled water can be expensive and does not clean water in the shower where toxins come through your skin.

To avoid damage to liver and also to avoid cancer risks, residents of Ohio and neighbouring states should install a commercial grade residential water filtration solution. By installing a reliable residential water filtration solution, people will be ensuring that their families are safe. Many water diseases can be prevented by drinking purified and filtered water.

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