25 Million Americans Drinking Bad Toxic Water

Not only are USA water systems bad in Big City locations, but all water systems have their problems.   If you have clean water you are the minority exception.   Water is the most important item in your house.   Hot and Cold water alike are sources of pollution that enter your body every time you or your children turn on the water.   You need a WHOLE HOUSE solution so all water is filtered.   In the shower or bath you get a royal dose of toxins that you enter your skin and goes directly into your blood stream where it settles in your cells.   When you breath in that warm water vapor the toxins are there also and go directly into your system.  When you wash dishes or vegetables in the kitchen sink you also get a dose of toxins.   Over the long term these build up and you get sick  … one toxic dose at a time.

Find out how you can cure this issue in your own home.   Your water supplier will not cure it.  If you are on a well or city water you have a water problem that is curable using our world class MR5 Whole House Water Filter.  This is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter that removes thousands of chemicals and toxins from your water.  Click on the following link for more information and to order (in stock with next day free shipping).

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