Half Of US Water Too Polluted to Swim, Fish or Drink

How on earth did things get to the point where water is not only scarce … but so polluted you cannot even swim in it let along eat fish or drink it.   After 50 years of legislation, things have only gotten worse.  This proves that you cannot vote in or legislate something like clean water.  To make matters worse, if you ask your municipal water supplier they will brag about how great your water is and that it “Meets Federal Standards”.    These standards have not been updated in decades and omit some of the worst toxins that are now common in today’s water systems.  In addition they add more chemicals that are equally bad for you.   If you live in a rural area on a well, you will have farm runoff and fertilizer residue in your well water.

We are dedicated to curing this problem one house at a time.   You cannot depend on the government nor their agencies to tell you the real story about the water that is piped into your house.   You can solve this yourself by taking control of your water.   Installing our unique MR5 Whole House Water Filter is quick and easy.  It is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter that removes thousands of toxins and chemicals both man made and naturally occurring like arsenic and lead.   The MR5 fits into existing or new construction with just a few hours of work by a local plumber.   We will guide them with our easy to follow instructions.  We are near the phone if they have any questions.   For less than $2000 you can have the equivalent of a pure mountain stream in your home for both hot and cold water.   Stop drinking, showering and washing your clothes in toxic water.

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