Is the Water you are Drinking Healthy?

To live a healthy life, we all need to ensure the water we are drinking is healthy. Purified water is a source of rich minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and so on. These minerals are important to live a healthy and a happy life. But is the water in your homes healthy? As per Environmental Working Group (EWG) research water in 31 states in the United States is unhealthy. This is alarming as the tap water coming to millions of homes in many of the states is dangerous.

Which are these states and what does the tap water contain?

  1. Tap water in many states in the United States contains PFAS chemicals. PFAS or forever chemicals are dangerous chemicals which have many health risks. These PFAS chemicals can lead to many diseases.
  2. Apart from PFAS chemicals, tap water in many states in the United States contains various other pollutants and toxins. Like PFAS chemicals, toxins and pollutants are harmful for us. It is important that the water we drinking or using in our kitchen for cooking or even in our bathrooms should be purified and free from all pollutants.
  3. Which are the cities and states where water is most unsafe for drinking? Iowa, North Carolina, Miami, Florida, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Ohia, Bergen County – New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Ohio, Las Vegas – Nevada, Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania, San Antonio – Texas, Boston, Kanas City, New York, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, California, Texas, Georgia are some of the states where tap water is not safe for drinking. It is important that people living in these cities and states should immediately install a commercial and residential water filtration solution to get purified drinking water.
  4. What happens if we drink unsafe drinking water: As per experts drinking unsafe water has many health hazards and can lead to various diseases like cancer, skin diseases, birth defects, polio, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, diarrhoea and many other diseases. To ensure we provide a healthy life to our families, we all need to get purified water through a reputed residential water filter systems company in the United States.

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