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WATER !!! you are primarily a water being.   Before and after a massage or skin care session, both the therapist and client must drink a lot of water.   Skin care is about moisturizing the skin.   Cleansing and nurturing all of your cells comes primarily from water with proper mineral content to give alkaline pH of 7.2.   Your body takes on water from direct intake and when you shower.   In the shower your skin absorbs water and you breath in the vapor going directly into your body via your lungs.

But what if the water you are showering in and drinking is full of toxic chemicals like PFAS “forever chemicals”, naturally occurring arsenic or agricultural runoff chemicals like cancer causing glyphosate?  Toxic chemicals build up over time in your body and concentrate in low activity areas like breasts, internal organs and your skin.   You must remove these toxins before they enter your house plumbing or business water system.

The best water filtration system is one that cleans the water as it comes into your house or business so both hot and cold water are filtered but lets the healthy minerals pass through.  Massage Therapists and Skin Care specialists should have an NSF/ANSI 61 certified sink filter in your office to fill your clients’ water bottles and to give water before and after sessions.   Bottled water is generally just tap water in a fancy bottle.   Moreso, the chemicals in the plastic bottles leach into the water.  STOP USING PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES!  You and your clients should be taking your own filtered water in your own non-plastic water bottle.

Water is the most important element you put into your body.   JMCC Water Filters has been in business for over 20 years, selling the best water filtration technology.   20 years ago these were primarily kitchen filters for cold water only.   Since then two things have happened.   The water situation has become horrifically bad everywhere in the USA and the developed world.   PFAS and thousands of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are now in all the major municipal water supplies and many remote areas as well.   Even rural areas have agricultural runoff and naturally occurring arsenic.

The second thing that happened was that we studied the science of water filtration.   JMCC Water Filters has not only developed the best water filtration products that you will find anywhere, but also has developed large scale manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of these unequaled products to meet the growing national demand.   Our MR5 Whole House Water Filter systems today are half the cost of just two years ago and have improved greatly in quality.

If you research the water filtration industry you will find a lot of fancy advertisement and companies trying to sell water softeners that only remove a few chemicals, calling them “whole house water filters”.   If it has a tank with resin it is a water softener NOT a water filter.  You will find companies selling attachments for sink and shower that have a little bit of charcoal that only removes chlorine, but do not remove the hundreds of other toxins in your water.  The cheap big box store “filters” are not a bargain when it comes to your health.

The JMCC Water Filters line features a broad spectrum water filter.  You will not find anything like our all stainless steel products.  Our two stage filter elements are unmatched.   The outer shell removes particles down to 0.1 microns in our MR5 Whole House Water Filter and down to 0.01 microns (the size of a virus cell) in our Above Sink Filter.   Our second stage proprietary “medium” is NSF/ANSI 61 certified compliant removing all unwanted toxins while leaving the healthy minerals pass through.   We also offer an optional UV bacteria virus filter.  Follow the links below to view the MR5 Whole House Water Filter and our Above Sink Filter.  Use the contact form on this page or call if you have any questions.   Remember at checkout to use the Coupon Code given in the advertisement that sent you here for a 10% discount.

Click here to view our MR5 Whole House or Office Filter –>  MR5 whole-house-commercial-water-filter

Click here to view our Above Sink Water Filter for home or office –>  sink-faucet-on-demand-water-filter

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