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“Faucet On Demand” Kitchen or Bathroom Above Sink for continuous filtration (includes stainless steel mountable spigot with easy to follow DIY installation kit) … uses the same all in one 0.01 micron filter technology as the Gravity Feed filters (does not require electricity) comes with one Filter Element – NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant (for Whole House, ranch, farm or industrial applications see our commercial grade MR5 high flow rate Whole House filter) … $259.00 Sale $229.00  plus $20.00 Shipping plus FREE SHIPPING to the 50 states … (these are different form factor from the gravity feed elements) individual or bulk packs of filter elements for this unit can be ordered in the drop down menu

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“Faucet On Demand” Kitchen or Bathroom Counter Top Stainless Steel Water Filter for continuous filtration. Uses the same ALL IN ONE technology as the Gravity Feed filters (no add on filters required).  NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant.  Easy installation to cold water line below sink – does not require electricity). Comes with one filter element (order with an extra 4 or 10 pack of 0.01 micron Filter Elements using drop down menu) … base price $259.00  Sale $229.00 plus $20.00 shipping plus FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii will be billed additional shipping via email invoice). Note: these are the same form factor as our HI gravity feed filter elements. Order with drop down menu above.

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Above Sink Faucet - On Demand Water Filters

Above Sink Stainless Water Filter with 1 HI Filter Element, Above Sink Stainless Water Filter with 4 HI Filter Elements, Above Sink Stainless Water Filter with 10 HI Filter Elements, 4 Pack Filter Elements, 10 Pack Filter Elements (Bulk Pricing)


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