“HI” Gravity Replacement Filter Elements (Ultra-Fiber Plus Medium – best technology)


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Fit all makes and models of gravity water filters  NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant
The “HI” Filter elements use new two stage 0.01 micron Ultra Fiber with Proprietary Medium to remove more (No priming or add on filters required – our unique ALL IN ONE technology)

* 4 PACK “HI” Filter Elements $156.00 + $13.00 shpg = $169.00
* 10 PACK “HI” Filter Elements (our biggest seller) BULK PRICING $390.00 Sale Price $359.00 + FREE shipping to the 50 states

JMCC “HI” Filter Element Spec Sheet —> JMCC-WATER-FILTERS-HI-spec-sheet.pdf

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Replacement “HI” Ultra-Fiber Plus Medium Filter Elements
select below – Fit ALL makes and models of Gravity Feed water filters

NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Compliant

– Our BIGGEST selling item has always been gravity replacement filter elements BUT we want to encourage you to also consider the MR5 Whole House Water Filter because the gravity filters only work in the kitchen. The greatest danger today is showering in chemical laden water where it comes in through your skin and breathing in chemical laden vapor. Only our MR5 Whole House Water Filter will remove all this including dangerous PFAS chemicals (both not and cold water will be filtered for the entire house or business). Cheap box store shower filters do not work. You need a real whole house solution. The point is to consider putting your money into the MR5 that will protect your entire house. Over a 10 year period you will spend more on gravity filters than the MR5 and only protect the cold water in your kitchen with no protection against viruses. We are living in a new age of severe water pollution with PFAS chemicals in all the water systems. Just a kitchen gravity filter for cold water is not enough. Click on the following link to see our Whole House MR5 with optional UV virus filter to protect your entire house Whole House & Commercial Water Filters

If you are serious about purchasing gravity replacement elements. Here is why you should purchase your replacement water elements here?
– Cost – our filters are 1/6th the price of the competition. Here are the facts … main competitor price 2 filter elements $165 PLUS $39 each for arsenic fluoride add on filters (you will need 6 over the lifetime of the two main filters) = $165 + $234 = $399 for just two filter elements (for outdated 20 year old technology) … compared to our HI filters $36 each with no complicated add on filters and no priming. THERE IS NO COMPETITION
– Our “HI” elements use the newest technology two part filter … the first stage is a 0.01 micron Ultra Fiber filter removing particles down to the size of the smallest virus (about 100 times smaller than other filters). The second stage is a proprietary medium that removes an extremely long list of pollutants (see spec sheet link below). We upgraded to the HI Filter from the prior GF ceramic filters for many reasons including 1) we can mass produce the HI filters to meet larger markets (with ceramics we were always short on production and could never grow), 2) the HI filters are very durable and do not break in shipping, and 3) the HI filters have a few filtration features not achievable with ceramics (removes gasses that can cause smell in water, etc.). If you purchased our GF ceramics in the past they are excellent filters (I personally still use them) but we had to move ahead for these business related issues.  The following characterizes the new line of JMCC Water Filters “HI” filter elements and why you should not consider any other gravity filter.

– smallest pore size of any filter (0.01 micron)

– Double the flow rate of even our old Imperial Ceramic candles (2 gallons per hour per element)
– Double the chemical removing capacity

– Consistent complete product line for all water filters (gravity, above sink and MR5 Whole House filters)
– No expensive Add On filters required – all filtration is done internal to the single filter element
– Chemical extraction medium based on NSF National Certification standards – ongoing quality control meet our rigid specifications
– Tested for the lifetime of the filter based on contaminants (not a 50 gallon test as with others)
– Sold in all 50 states (unlike the competition)
– NO PRIMING REQUIRED – DO NOT buy filters that require priming (e.g. with black carbon block filters forcing water backwards into the filter) as it contaminates the filters – mold can grow inside where you cannot see it
*** BEWARE – big box store filters with a little bit of charcoal and other “black carbon” filters remove a very limited list of the contaminants (they need expensive add on filters that only last for 500 gallons just to remove arsenic and fluoride).
NO OTHER filter elements on the market can match our standards
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JMCC “HI” Filter Element Spec Sheet —> JMCC-WATER-FILTERS-HI-spec-sheet.pdf

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