US Elevates Water Security As Foreign Policy

One of the sure signs that you need your own protection in your own home from water tampering and terrorism is that the US government is creating the need for “national and international security of water”. What does this really mean for you as a homeowner? This means that the government is just starting to think and plan. This means you as a homeowner are going to be long awaiting a solution from them. They have not even started to plan yet alone appropriate funding to study the issue. They have no plan.

That leaves you the homeowner susceptible to the possibility of water tampering in your area and you would only know after people around you started to become ill or show symptoms. Here is a quote from the government statement issued on June 2, 2022 …

“on Wednesday announced the White House Action Plan on Global Water Security, drawing direct links between water scarcity and national security and elevating water security to a core foreign policy priority for the first time.”

You see, they are just starting to think about this. With this making the public eye and with the publicity it is only a matter of time until the reality of water terrorism comes to the streets. What does this mean? That means that instead of mass shootings, burning businesses or other forms of domestic terrorism, water could be the next target.

There is a solution to protect you and your family. Long ago we saw the general problem of water pollution as a growing issue including the need to filter out poisons and volatile organic chemicals as well as new pollutants such as PFAS “forever chemicals” from manufacturing or uranium etc from Fukushima nuclear fall out (from the Fukushima 2011 nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan). All of this ends up in the your water system. The local municipal water companies do not have to test for any of this given EPA’s lack of setting realistic standards for water testing.

At JMCC Water Filters we have the world’s only mass produced water filtration system (not a water softener) so we are positioned to fill national markets. Because we have perfected the manufacturing of a high quality commercial grade water filter for the home market, and offer at an exceptionally low price, you can benefit by placing this in your home at the “Point of Entry” so that all water (hot and cold) are filtered. The MR5 Whole House Water Filter is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter. It removes thousands of chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals and toxins and you can also purchase the optional UV sterilizer that breaks down organic compounds as a final filter.

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