Uraniumin Found in Two Thirds of USA Water Supplies

Imagine the horrific nuclear accidents of the past like Chernobyl (Russia 1986), Three Mile Island (1979 USA) and worse of all Fukushima (2011 Japan). There were uncounted deaths associated with Chernobyl, and Japan has not reported immediate or follow on deaths. We know however that the pollution was staggering. We in the USA were not greatly affected by the Chernobyl accident, but we are now finding high levels of uranium, selenium, barium, chromium, and arsenic in our water supplies that could only have come from Fukushima.

Most of us knew this but finally the governments in private studies are confirming this. Here is a quote from a recent article that was the first to break this story to the general public on April 6, 2022.
“Chronic disease. exposure to metals, including uranium, is associated with several adverse health outcomes including liver damage, nephrotoxicity, and cardiovascular.” Quote from THE LANCET April 2022.

There are certainty long term health effects but since it is happening slowly and mixed with many other forms of pollution from air, microwaves, water pollution, chemicals in the environment, etc., it is impossible to isolate it as the only health concern. Most people are too busy just trying to exist today to worry about isolated contaminants. The studies performed do not point a finger at Fukushima, however one has to ask where this is coming from. There was and continues to be tremendous radioactive pollution from Fukushima and the USA is in the direct path (not to mention the entire Pacific Ocean). These pollutants are not naturally occurring in these combinations. It is the result of a nuclear plant leaking large amounts of these toxins into the environment.

The question for most people is not about proving the source, it is about what they can do to prevent their health from being affected. Your family takes in these and many other pollutants every day from your water supply – in the kitchen, bathroom and mainly the daily shower. You may ask why does your water provider not tell you about this? It is because they are not required to test for it in their very limited test protocol from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is also a mistake to only concentrate on one pollutant since there are so many today such as PFAS “forever chemicals” of which there are over 9000 varieties. The EPA has completely dropped the ball to keep up with known pollution and is not requiring city municipal water suppliers or well companies to keep up with testing. We only know about these from other sources.

The solution is to have a complete water filtration system in your house for both hot and cold water. Uranium and the other pollutants can be removed using a JMCC Water Filters “MR5 Whole House Water Filter”. See the web page below for more information and pricing. For around $2000 you can protect your family from pollutants. Did you know that the daily shower is where you get the largest dosage of toxins? When you shower your skin absorbs and hour lungs breath in the vapor along with all the toxins. Those small plastic big box show filters do not to the job. You need an real filter. The MR5 is not a water softener but a broad spectrum water filter. Follow the link below for more information and receive a 10% discount at checkout by using the COUPON CODE JMCC.

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