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The city of Orlando Florida just announced severe water restrictions because they use Oxygen to purify the water for public distribution. They claimed an oxygen shortage (because of high counts of covid19 cases) will require people to boil their water. But what about in the shower and bathroom brushing your teeth. What about the laundry (washing clothes with bacteria laden water)?

We have a better idea. Purchase a JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Water Filter with optional UV bacteria virus filter. We have them in stock and ready to ship direct from our warehouse. Use the Coupon Code ORLANDO for a 10% discount at checkout. These are not available in stores or from any other source.

Our MR5 Whole House Water Filter is not a water softener but true broad spectrum commercial grade water filtration systems. It not only removes bacteria and most viruses, but thousands of other chemicals and toxins from your water. Residents of Orlando Florida can have clean water not only for the kitchen but for the entire house. Bacteria in the water can cause illness by taking a shower or by brushing your teeth in the bathroom with bacteria laden water. The JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Water Filter has no competition. There is no other product like it on the market today. Designed by a 20 year expert in the field of water filtration, it is priced so anyone can afford it. It is made of 304 stainless steel to give you a lifetime of service.

When water goes to the municipal “treatment plant” or your own private septic system, there is a misconception that the water is “purified” and then returns to rivers and the water table. The reality is that they only break down the human waste and ALL of the chemicals, pollutants, YES and pharmaceuticals etc. are not treated at all. These chemicals typically have long life times. They accumulate in the water supply, surface water or deep wells after leaving the “treatment plant”.

Every source of water today has some form of pollution. After working in the water filtration industry for over 20 years, we have seen the municipal water situation become more and more disturbing. Government agencies have followed “standards”, allowing pollution to continue unabated. They are essentially selling licenses to pollute. This pollution is cumulative so over time the industrial chemicals, heavy atoms, pharmaceuticals, petroleum extracts, household products from kitchen soaps to bathroom cleaners to Teflon in the pans you cook in … yes all of this ends up in the water supply.

We created a series of products from small to large commercial systems and settled on one that will meet the needs of 99% of all houses in the USA. This is the JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Water Filter. You will see why this superior product will meet the stringent needs of the public who is in severe risk from contaminated water. There are many products and false claims my unscrupulous retailers who would sell you a water softener and claim it is a whole house filter.

The MR5 Whole House Water Filter installs in a few hours (we recommend using a licensed plumber) and requires easily changed filters elements every 50,000 gallons of water used (you can read off your water meter). Select the options from the drop down menu and we recommend purchasing extra filter packs and the optional UV bacteria virus filter to make sure your water is safe … and … remember to use the coupon code ORLANDO at on the shopping cart page for a 10% discount PLUS FREE UPS shipping to Orlando residents … so order today).

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