What’s in Your Water – Part 1

  • Are you water independent? Do you carry your own filtered water with you?
  • Are you showering in a chemical soup? Does your water taste or smell bad?
  • Do you know that bottled can be less reliable than tap water?
  • Do you know that showering admits more chemicals into your body than any other source?
  • Do you know that dangerous PFAS “forever chemicals” are in all water supplies in the USA?
  • Do you know that Chlorinated water is destroying your clothes every time you do laundry?
  • Even If you are in a remote area, naturally occurring chemicals such as Arsenic and farm chemical runoff are in your water. These are some of the worst hazards to your health.

What is in your Water ?

Do you know that wherever you live, there is a single solution Whole House Water Filter for your entire home?

MR5 with 304 Stainless Steel housing – contains 5  High Capacity Filter Elements

For Removal of PFAS and VOC chemicals, heavy metal, hazardous materials – Optional UV filter

Chapter 1 – Modern and Naturally occurring Pollution is everywhere

Every source of water today has some form of pollution.   After working in the water filtration industry for over 20 years, we have seen the water situation become more and more disturbing.   Government agencies have followed “standards”, allowing pollution to continue unabated.  They are essentially selling licenses to pollute.   This pollution is cumulative so over time the industrial chemicals, heavy atoms, pharmaceuticals, petroleum extracts, household products from kitchen soaps to bathroom cleaners to Teflon in the pans you cook in … yes all of this ends up in the water supply.

Take pharmaceuticals for example.   All of the drugs that have ever passed through the countless drug store are now in the water table.  These are drugs that have very long shelf lives and do not break down with time.   Every time you take a drink of tap water or take a hot shower, you are getting a dose of these health damaging chemicals that are in the water table.   Even though your water looks clear, these chemicals are hidden invisibly in every drop.

The most recent realization on the national level is with PFAS “forever chemicals” (the topic of the next chapter).   These come from industrial waste and from the wide spread use of materials such as Teflon that coated pans and cookware decades ago.   In this pamphlet we will take you on a journey through the country’s water supplies and the health risks that they pose.  We will examine both cities that have very bad water pollution as well as some of the most remote rural areas.   We used to provide a service for individuals who would supply their zip code and the name of their municipal water supplier.  We would then go into a new government data base on levels of pollution to produce a report.

But we stopped this service because the water EVERYWHERE was so polluted that we just started to tell everyone they had to start filtering their entire house water supply with our MR5 Whole House Water Filter.   The MR5 is designed with “targeted filtration” to specifically remove the very long list of pollutants.   These can be categorized in groups and chemical structures.   The next problem we had as a business was ramping up production to meet a national crisis so that every home could afford our filters.   We are now at the stage where we can 1) effectively remove to a high percentage all of the pollutants and 2) meet the large market demand.   Our MR5 product now costs 50% of it did just 2 years ago.

We created a series of products from small to large commercial systems and settled on one that will meet the needs of 99% of all houses in the USA.  This is the JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Water Filter.   In the next few pages, we will take you through the polluted USA water supplies.  You will see why this superior product will meet the stringent needs of the public who is in severe risk from contaminated water.  The last chapter will be an expose on water filters and what you have to beware of.  There are many products and false claims.   So, fasten you seat belts, grab a cup of coffee and let’s travel out into the USA water supplies to see what we can find.  Continued in the next Blog Post.

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