What’s in Your Water – Part 3 – Other Forms of Pollution

Chapter 3 – Other forms of Pollution

We have examined water supplies of cities as well as the most remote locations and found high levels of toxins almost everywhere.  Many people think that if they live in a remote location that the ground or surface water is safe.   It is safe to say that if you have pollution free water, you are in the minority of households.  Here is a map for example or the United States for Arsenic, a toxin found naturally in ground water.  Some areas have so much that the water is literally toxic and cannot be used for municipal water supplies.  See if your area is on this map.  Arsenic is a cumulative chemical in the body and highly toxic.   Many water filter products DO NOT remove arsenic or require an expensive secondary filter stage just to remove arsenic.  The JMCC Water Filters product line including the MR5 Whole House Water Filter specifically removes arsenic to high levels in a single filter (no add ons or secondary filtration necessary).  On the map if your area is yellow, orange or red you need a whole house filter.

We now move on to the many other chemicals that you will encounter in water supplies.  This list is from our water filter testing for “targeted filtration”.   We examined the thousands of chemicals that are found in water supplies and created a filter product that meets national standards for removal of toxic substances.   Note that the optional UV final filter has a roll also.  What this means is that we have adopted the filtration standards in the materials used in JMCC Water Filters that have been tested and rated by national standards.   In the next chapter we will discuss filtration and filtration products.

The last items in the list above are Glyphosate (Roundup), Herbicides, and Nitrates.  These mainly come from farming runoff.  The following map shows levels of ground, surface and well water pollution in your area due to farm chemical runoff.  Our MR5 filter removes these to safe levels.  See the following map to see if these highly toxic chemicals are in your local water tables.

This is truly “the good, the bad and the ugly”.   When you finish reading this pamphlet you will understand the water filtration industry and the products that are available to the homeowner.   You will also find that the JMCC Water Filter product line has evolved over the past 20 years to be the best and lowest priced product on the market.   Now take a look at “What’s In Your Water”.   Within each category are tens of thousands of chemicals all of which are bad for your health.   Remember that the MR5 filter uses a 2 step process.   The outer shell has a less than 0.1 micron filter pore size to remove any particles including bacteria larger that this size.   In the middle of the filter is a “medium” specially formulated to remove the following list of dissolved toxins (these are in solution in the water).  The following table is the spec sheet for JMCC Water Filters MR5 water filter elements.

The JMCC Water Filter HI line of filters are a two part filter made from consistent outer shell providing less than 0.1 micron pore size and internally have a proprietary mixture of materials that remove in solution pollutants.   The filters do not remove minerals which are not toxic and necessary for good health.  The filters also remove any gasses improving taste and odor as well as reducing chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds, MTBE, lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic and fluoride. The outer shell is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria and cysts.  The JMCC Water Filters “HI” filters are available in the following sizes (see also optional UV final filter to kill bacteria and viruses).

– 5” for the 1 and 2 liter personal filters

– 7” “HI” replacement filters element fit all commercially available gravity water filters on the market today using the latest Ultra Fiber technology with our proprietary medium

– High Pressure filter for the “Faucet on Demand” filters (for stainless above sink model)

– 20” High Pressure filter for the MR5 Whole House filter (uses five 20” filter elements)

JMCC WATER FILTERS “HI” filters – Contaminant Removal Specifications

Pathogenic bacteria

Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform


Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia Lamblia

Sediment—100% absolute to 0.1 micron





VOC—Volatile Organic Compounds (thousands of chemicals)

Metals—Aluminum, Iron, Mercury, Nickel & Zinc, radioactive chemicals



Glyphosate and farm run off (Round Up)

Pharmaceutical Compounds—Acetaminophen, Progesterone,

Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium



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