What’s in Your Water – Part 4 – Water Filtration – Facts and Myths

Chapter 4 – Water Filtration – Facts and Myths

The water filtration industry is large and worldwide in scope.   There are literally thousands of products to chose from.  Many were created long before the dire modern pollution levels existed and are still sold for kitchen, home and industry.  Very few will remove chemicals or even naturally occurring arsenic.  Most commercially available water filters use inexpensive granular charcoal as the filtering agent and will not remove the majority of pollutants in today’s water supplies (including PFAS).    A cheap plastic product with charcoal powder from the big box store or Amazon is NOT a solution.  Some even advertise that their filters pass fluoride “for your health” or to “help your teeth”.  You must remove fluoride.

You need a real filter made from stainless steel at the entry point of water in the house or business.   Both hot and cold water will then be filtered for the kitchen, bathroom sink, shower, laundry, animals, plants, garden … the WHOLE HOUSE.   This filter has to have multiple large filter elements with stringent standards.  There are 14 major properties of a good filter (see table below for filter comparison).  Note that at JMCC Water Filters we could sell all of the products listed in the table below but we do not.   We only sell our own filters including the MR5 Whole House Filter.  These are sold only on our web page (never on amazon or big box stores).   We ship from our warehouse direct to your door (no middleman).

It will take the homeowner or plumber about 2 to 4 hours to install.   People handy with plumbing can easily install the MR5.  Your total cost will be $1766 (see sale pricing) plus installation to have complete water freedom.  It is a good idea to purchase a set of replacement water filters with your original purchase.   Also consider the optional UV filter for final bacteria and virus elimination.  Now compare the various filters in the table below.   The most important information in this pamphlet is in the table below.   Do not make the mistake of purchasing a product that will not remove the PFAS and all other toxins and chemicals.  You need a filter that will serve you for a long time between filter changes.

A word of caution.   As a homeowner you may approach your local municipal water supply company and ask them for the known pollutants in your water.   You will get a nursery rhyme response that “they meet federal standards”.    The federal standards have not been updated in over 30 years.  These require the city to make a monthly test for a few chemicals and fill out an EPA report.   We examined municipal water supplies using an independently funded federal government data base and found extreme levels of pollution in literally all the locations we studied, yet they all “meet federal standards”.

The most publicly aware story came from Flint Michigan a few years ago.   The pollution in the Flint River was so severe that it occasionally caught fire and burned (yes, the river burned) because of the level of pollutants floating on the water.   The city claimed that its water met federal standards.   We stopped doing individual tests and began showing national maps of pollutants some of which you see in this pamphlet.   The end result is that every house needs an industrial grade Whole House water filter.  See which filters pass the 14 point test in the table below.   You will see that the JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Water Filter wins out in every category including lowest cost per gallon.

One final word regarding Reverse Osmosis systems.  We do not include RO systems in the table below because they are have some issues with their use.  We have replaced many RO systems with our MR5 Whole House water filter because the residents do not like the constant flushing of contaminants back into the water table and excessive use of water to backflush the RO elements.   RO systems remove all the minerals which you need for healthy pH in your water, and finally, RO systems do not remove all the toxins (leaving mainly the small molecule volatile organic chemicals).   People who have used both systems prefer our MR5 water filter.

Remember that the biggest dose of toxins you get on a daily basis is in the shower.   Your skin is the biggest absorbing organ of your body and all the toxins absorbed through your skin go directly into your blood stream and into your cells where they stay and accumulate.   Your lungs also take in toxins in the shower water vapor and also go directly into your blood stream and into your cells.   Months, years and decades of constant contact with the chemical toxins in water build up and you start feeling sick and do not know why.   It is because you are in toxic overload from years of exposure.

The small plastic shower filters you buy at the big box stores have a little bit of charcoal and do not last nor remove serious levels of chemicals.  You need a true Whole House solution so all the water in your house is toxin free with the healthy minerals passing through.   The MR5 Whole House Filter is the leader in the industry and we are set up to deliver to your door with free shipping.   Order today and within a few days you will be able to install it (we help your local plumber with full time help and complete installation manual).  Call us and we will send you our installation manual so you can show to your plumber and he will be ready to schedule your installation as soon as your unit arrives at your door via UPS.   The following table compares water filter solutions and as you will see our MR5 Whole House water filter has no competition.



Brita faucet or shower filter Kitchen Gravity or above or below sink filter Plastic counter top water filter Big Box store or amazon Water Softener Specialty Water Conditioner

(magnetic or other claimed processes)

Ceramic Whole House filters

(what I used to sell – see the difference)

JMCC Water Filters MR5 Whole House Filter
Whole House Filter system No No No No

Not a



Not a


Yes Yes
Pore Size (microns)

Outer shell

Charcoal not a filter 0.5 Charcoal not a filter N/A not a filter N/A not a


0.5 0.1
Filter surface area (in2) Charcoal not a filter 42 Charcoal not a filter N/A not a filter N/A not a


710 864
Chemical removal Medium Charcoal

removes only chlorine

Varies by vendor require add on filters Charcoal

removes only chlorine

N/A not a filter N/A not a filter removes salts and minerals only Vary by vendor (we used to sell but break)


Proprietary blend removes all to safe levels
Medium Surface contact area due to porous medium


0.1 N/A N/A N/A not a filter N/A not a filter 50,000 100,000
Contact time water in filter (seconds) .5 45 10 N/A not a filter N/A not a filter 25 35
Filtration Flow rate

(gallons per minute)



.05 0.1 N/A not a filter N/A not a filter 12 12
Continual flow or container limited Continual Container limited Container limited Continual Continual Continual Continual
Cost per gallon filtered (cents) 3 12 100 N/A not a filter N/A not a


2 2
Filter lifetime


300/10 1000/160 N/A not a filter N/A not a filter 40,000/145 50,000/160
Break easily (during shipment)


Yes Yes yes No No Break easily

Cannot mass produce

Never break mass produced
Addresses PFAS “Forever Chemicals” No No No No No Yes Yes
Stainless Steel Housing No No No No No No Yes
Manufacturer direct sales No No No No No No Yes

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