STOP Using Plastic Water Bottles !!!

Take Your Own Filtered Water in Your Personal Water Bottle.

Photo of Caribbean Island National Park Beach covered with plastic bottles washed up from distant locations.

Look closely at this photo.   Do you see the plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes littered along this beach stretching off into the distance?   Maybe one of your bottles has ended up here.  Please start taking your own water bottle with your own filtered water.   We at JMCC Water Filters are adamant about installing your own water filtration system and taking your own filtered water in your own water bottle.   You will save money while saving the environment!

There are islands of plastic refuse floating in the oceans today.   Chances are some of your own bottles ended up in one of them.   This is one issue.  The other issue is that bottled water, in spite of that colorful advertising and labeling, is just tap water put into a bottle.  If your water bottle is exposed to sunlight temperature variations, the chemicals in the water leach into the water in the bottle.   People do not realize that they are putting themselves at risk of cancer when drinking plastic bottled water.

Sunlight, high temperature and freezing will force the chemicals in the plastic into the water.   There are movie stars who have developed cancer who have campaigns against drinking bottled water.   But you rarely see this because of the control of the internet by large companies such as Nestle, Coka Cola and others.   Bottled water is one of the largest most lucrative industries in the world.

Here is what we suggest.   Install in your home one of our MR5 Whole House Water Filters so you have clean filtered water not only for hot and cold water in the kitchen, but in the bathroom and most importantly in the shower.  If you have an office sink, install one of our stainless steel sink filters.

Did you know that your two largest organs in your body susceptible to pollutants are your skin and lungs?    Both are subject to large influxes of chemicals that are in the water when you are in the shower.   The warm water is absorbed directly into your skin and your lungs are breathing in the vapor.

Remember that chemicals in your body are accumulative.   Day by day, week by week and year by year you are accumulating chemicals that your body cannot remove.   They build up and concentrate to the point that it starts to break down your immune system.   We could list all the chemicals here but you probably can already name about a dozen of them and there are hundreds more.   Even if you live in remote rural area you will have unwanted chemicals in your water.

You may be thinking that you can just buy one of those cheap big box store sink filters or screw on shower filter and you will be safe.   The reality is that those $20 specials are not a good deal when it comes to your health.  They have a minimal amount of “medium” and these only remove a small number of pollutants and only for a short amount of time.   You should examine your investment in water not as an expense, but as an investment into not only your health but that of your family.

JMCC Water Filters offers the best solutions for water filtration in the home or office with NSF/ANSI 61 certified products.   Click on the following links to learn more.   We provide free shipping direct from our warehouse.   Our products install in a few hours with a professional plumber and we offer easily replacement filters for all our products.

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