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!! uses our “HI” filter elements – unmatched in price and performance

There is a growing demand for inexpensive filters and in many cases people cannot get standard containers like stainless steel from suppliers.   The solution is our Make Your Own Gravity Filter product.   Select the spigot filter packages with 4 or 8 JMCC HI filter elements (click on drop down menu below).  You can make filters from 1 to 50 gallons or larger.   Filter flow rates are about 2 gallons per hour per filter element using the HI filter elements so calculate the number of filters you need.  Spigots are 304 stainless steel for a lifetime of service and will not corrode in any environment.

Download easy to follow instructions here –>  HowtoMakeYourOwnWaterFilterFromPlasticContainers.pdf

JMCC “HI” Filter Element Spec Sheet —> JMCC-WATER-FILTERS-HI-spec-sheet.pdf

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Are you on a budget ? have a remote cabin and need an inexpensive water filter ?   are traveling to a foreign country and want a water filter when you get there ? OR your supplier cannot get stainless steel filter containers ? Whatever your reason you can make a great water filter.  You purchase locally two food grade plastic containers with covers (you chose the size), then download our easy to follow instructions (link below to pdf file).  Order a filter spigot package using the drop down menu (top of this page) and Add to Cart button above and you are set.   All you have to do is drill a few holes (we tell you how).  Note that this stainless steel spigot has a different (larger) port size than standard plastic gravity filter spigots and will not fit standard gravity water filter housing, they are only for the “Make Your Own” filters (see photo at above of the stainless steel spigot).  The HI filters in the package are the exact same elements that we sell for any make or model of gravity water filter.

Download Instructions –>  HowtoMakeYourOwnWaterFilterFromPlasticContainers.pdf

JMCC “HI” Filter Element Spec Sheet —> JMCC-WATER-FILTERS-HI-spec-sheet.pdf

Relief and quantity orders available.  Order one set and then communicate with us at Contact or email us at – we deliver world wide.  Containers are sourced locally.


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Spigot and JMCC HI Water Filter Elements

Spigot and 4 JMCC HI Water Filter Elements, Spigot and 8 JMCC HI Water Filter Elements

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