Ceramic Candle Filter Cartridges

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Ceramic candle filter is made of diatomite, which is molded in 1200 ºC high temperature sintering. It has extremely high physical and chemical stability and can be used in neutral, acidic, alkaline conditions. It has good performance with effective to filter suspended substance, colloid, bacteria etc.

Brands JMCC
Candle Material Ceramic
Maximum Flow Rate 7.5 L/h
Bacterial Retention Rate 99 %
Turbidity Improvement Rate 90 %
Micron Rating 0.1 µm
0.2 µm
0.5 µm
  • Removes suspended solids and large granular material.
  • Remove may cause diseases such as hepatitis of rust.
  • Remove suspension of the water and tiny microbes.
  • Removes microbed such as bacteria, e. coli, and other harmful organic matter.